"Chubby Cheeks" Set Lunch and Dinner: A Jazz-infused Culinary Serenade!

Set Lunch: Ease into your afternoon with a starter, main course, and dessert, each note in a symphony of flavors.

Starter: Let your palate dance with fresh salads and soul-warming soups.

Main Course: From Duckin' Carbonara Rhythms, Jazzed-Up Chicken Chops, Groovy fried Fish and Chips, Rhythmic Beef Meatballs and Jazzy and Creamy Chicken Butter Milk with Tortilla Bread. 

Dessert: Sweeten your day's melody with our delectable dessert harmonies.

Set Dinner: Elevate your evening with a starter, main course, and dessert, all jazzed up with gourmet flair.

Join us at Feast at Jazz, Jazz Hotel Penang, where every meal is a melody of taste and elegance. Reserve your table now for a dining experience that hits all the right notes!